Why I do what I do…

Hello and thank you for browsing my web site, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Mike Benedetti.  I was born in Columbus and was raised in Worthington and Clintonville, Ohio.  I am one of 9 brothers and sister.  The unique thing about my family is that I have a set of twins and triplets in my family. Yes! I am one of three… I was the middle child between two beautiful girls.  What a blessing it is to have both twins and triplets in one family. The funny thing is… is that my other brother that is one of the twins had twins myself.  What a tradition!  Mom and dad would be proud of him!

I am currently married of 28+ years to my beautiful wife Renee.  I have three adult children and five grand kids.  I started my business right after we got married in 1984.  I started out being a handyman working on all aspects with property care. I realized that my gifting was fixing things such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electric so I gravitated into the mechanical field.  However, I have been in the building industry before that.  I have done light carpentry work such as framing, remodeling and additions.

I currently perform repair services for residential homes, small business, churches, industrial buildings.  I also do new construction if asked.  As the years went on I notice that there was a great demand for good qualified technicians to service the Columbus and surrounding areas.  I currently hold three state licenses in Plumbing, HVAC and hydronic.

In order to maintain my licenses I have to attend 30 hours of continuing education in three years.  I attend many seminars to keep in with the latest technology, tools and equipment.  I believe in the past 28 year I have seen a tremendous chance in the mechanical field. I am also excited to see what lays ahead.

On a personal note and the most important information about me is my faith.  I know it is not political correct to talk about faith but I am compelled to talk you about my journey… I will be brief. I started this business as a prideful man thinking I knew everything… well guesses what! I was wrong.  I struggle in business fought with my wife and eventually had to re-tool the company. At the time I was not a believer, matter of fact.  One of my triplet sisters told me that I proclaim to be an atheist.  In 1996 that was the lowest point of my life and nowhere to turn.  My wife was always a believer but she waited patiently for me to except Christ.  I am not sure of the time and day but I will tell you today I am a follower of JESUS CHRIST 17 years later what a difference.  Christ is the Captain of this ship and I am one of his hired hands, so when I get a call from you, which is Christ calling me to do the best I know how for you.  I could quote scripture. But I told you I would be brief.  If you are looking for honesty, integrity I am that person for you.

I enjoy outdoor activities, working with my hands and fixing things. One of my passions is firearms, I love shooting sports.  I loved it so much I helped out with the Delaware County 4-H shooting sports as an instructor.  I like teaching gun safety to kids and watching them learn how to use a firearm properly.  This training has personally effected by family years ago.

In closing, once again thank you for taking the time out to read by bio.  Time is a valuable commodity and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day.  May God shine upon your face and remember “Through Christ all thing are possible”

Best Regards

Mike Benedetti

What Makes Me Qualified?

Benedetti Services was founded in 1984 and is currently open for business; we do a wide range of work in plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical fields along with fire alarm systems and excavation.  Seem more here…