Benedetti Services was founded in 1984 and is currently open for business; we do a wide range of work in plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical fields along with fire alarm systems and excavation.  In plumbing we perform new plumbing both inside and outside your building and or home.  We also repair existing plumbing or make changes to meet your needs.

Our HVAC department will install new heating and cooling systems when the old system needs replaced including you’re ventilating system too.  Our highly train technicians will diagnose your problem with the latest technology.  We just don’t replace parts we fix your problem and advise you on how to keep your repairs to a minimum.

In our electrical department we can provide new service, power center and all you’re cabling needs.  From underground cables to a full functioning building or home.  We also, repair and troubleshoot electrical problems and or replace fixtures and devises.

We also provide fire alarm inspection and installation or adding to your current system.  Our excavation we do a variety of work such as laying underground electrical, plumbing. If asked we could help in the landscaping need.